MERCY Projects

As we have stepped out into various communities across the world, God has highlighted specific areas for us to sow into. “MERCY Projects” are our way to tangibly sow into the communities that we are invested in.


Cages of Hope

Cages of Hope is a project that Shine began in order to help empower woman in business, and help provide for their families.

In the village of Usenge, fishing is the primary source of income for many. However, in this region of Kenya many are affected by HIV and Aids. As a result, there are many widows who are left with the responsibility of providing for their families. Because of this, it has become common place for fisherman to demand sex in exchange for fish.

That is why we started Cages of Hope. Currently, we have set six cages in Lake Victoria, each with the capacity to hold 1,700 fish. This has provided many woman with the opportunity to, not only provide food for their families, but to have a solid source of income.


Luuya Primary school

Dr. Sammy grew up in a small village just outside Kitale and attended Luuya Primary School. Even though he has moved far away from his home village, he still remains heavily invested in the community.

Over the past few years, Shine has heard about the conditions of Luuya’s classrooms and buildings and has committed to partnering with the school in helping create better learning environments.

Every Friday morning, the students of Luuya (about 700 in total) are tasked with spreading cow dung on the floors of their class rooms.

One of the ways Shine has contributed to helping create better learning environments, is financially contributing to the construction of permanent buildings.