Global Evangelism

As a ministry we are committed to the work of evangelism, both locally and globally. For over a decade we have been partnering with overseas churches, organizations, and individuals, in the effort of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their local communities.



For the last ten years, Shine has teamed up with Africa Enterprise and the churches of Rwanda to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to various cities and towns all across Rwanda. This annual mission consists of pastoral conferences that equip pastoral leaders in evangelism and ministry leadership; street proclamation evangelism; outreach to schools, colleges and Universities; prison ministry; Children evangelism festivals; Evangelistic Crusades and Transformational Leadership Seminars for government and business leaders.  

Shine brings teams from churches in the United States that are willing to work alongside Rwandan believers to share the message of Christ both in word and deed.  Through this initiative, over 600,000 Rwandans have been reached with the good news of Christ over the last 10 years.  


Shine partners with Transformation Today, a South India based ministry, and churches in India to bring the message of hope to communities across India.  Through our partnership, we have brought the message of hope to hundreds of thousands of people through conferences, festivals, university lectures that focus on inter-religious dialogue for global harmony and peace, and through special ministry in churches. 

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Over the past few years we have been diligently connecting with pastors, and ministry leaders, in Migori. We are believing that they are going to have a move of God in their city. In the coming year, we are planning on having a week long outreach. Our hope is that the Gospel would penetrate every nook and cranny of the city, in order that the lost might be found.

This past January, we were able to host a pastor’s conference, with over 200 pastors in attendance. In addition, we had the chance to minister there and see God move in a great way! Over 2,000 people heard the Gospel, and 400+ gave their whole lives to Jesus.

Be praying with us for Migori!

and many more …

In addition to serving in Rwanda and India, we have also brought the Gospel to Kenya, Burundi, DR Congo, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Angola, Liberia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Currently, in North America, we are focusing on MERGE Twin Cities. This is our effort to reach the globally diverse cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.